Friday, March 13, 2009

Your Heart is Speaking

One of our most frightening realizations as humans is the sneaking suspicion that the sensation you just felt, was your heart. The most common reaction is to right it off, ignore it, pretend it was all in your head, or hope that it was another near-bye organ causing you to be scared for no reason whatsoever. For 95% of us, doing just that would not be completely irrational. It is largely benign for the moment and there is no reason to go running to the doctor and crying “palpitation”. But for those of us who know that an abnormal sensation is a warning sign, ignoring it for any lengthy period of time is just unacceptable. And rightly so.
Heart palpitations result from many etiologies, and they occur in almost every one’s lifetime at certain intervals, for short time periods, longer time periods, isolated instances, and sometimes in completely predicted sequence. It can feel like something jumping into the throat, a thumping or fluttering in any part of the upper abdomen or chest, a rapid heart beat, a sudden stopping and then starting feeling, or in more pathological instances, with the accompaniment of pain, shortness of breath, sweating, light headedness or other symptoms. They are hard to catch with diagnostics and most of the time they decide to play hide and seek when someone is at their doctor’s office insisting that, yes there is actually something going on and they are not crazy.
There is little information available on the internet about heart palpitation. In my opinion, this is due to the western cultures dismissing it as a benign incident, hypochondriac behavior, or hysterical woman’s disease. Eastern medical theory has a completely different take on this. They do not dismiss it lightly at all, but rather consider it an important determining factor in diagnosis and treatment protocols. There are specific herbs, dietary suggestions, vitamins, and other modalities that will eliminate the symptoms rather quickly if the correct diagnosis is made.
In almost all cases of heart palpitation, where actual heart pathology is not found, the causative factor is an endocrine imbalance. This is why the symptom has been labeled hysterical women’s disease historically. A hysterical woman is generally a woman who is completely stressed out, hormonally imbalanced, blood deficient, maybe pregnant, pre-menopausal, or menopausal and at her wits end. A man, knowing that he may be labeled as acting like a woman, will most likely ignore this symptom and hope that it will go away. Balancing the endocrine system is a lengthy process. Usually the target organs are the Adrenals, Pancreas, Liver and Thyroid. When it has gone to this point, the fatigue and energy deficiency are pronounced and need plenty of time, rest, and adequate nutrition to rebuild and re-establish normal function. An effective plan for this is to target the endocrine system with herbal formulas, a change in diet, vitamin supplementation and a supportive therapy.

Nutritional suggestions:
Take all unnecessary sugars out of the diet. This includes cookies, cakes, ice cream, other pastries, excess alcohol, breads, rolls, pasta, and crackers that are not whole grain.
Try to get six to nine servings of veggies per day, and preferably nine to eleven servings of veggies per day with a couple of fruits thrown into the mix. When there is a pronounced blood deficiency, organic beef broth, sweet potatoes, beats, dates, and asparagus are good foods for building blood. Completely avoid all animal products that are not organic. The hormone content in the commercial animal products completely throw off the endocrine system. Don’t forget to add in the Mediterranean diet components. Almonds, small amounts of red wine, olives, olive oil, herbs and spices and a bit of high quality, high percentage dark chocolate are an important addition to heart health. Check in with your body on your caffeine intake. Try eliminating it for a few days, and (when the headaches have stopped) add it back in gently, one cup of green or black tea (not coffee) at a time. Find out what your body can really take. When it comes to heart palpitations and the amount of vitamin C (anti-inflammatory) and Vitamin B that smoking takes up, need we even mention why it is a good idea to put the habit to rest? I didn’t think so.

The heart needs a complete set of B Vitamins to function properly. If there is a pronounced blood deficiency, then sublingual B 12 drops, that have all the other B’s in the formula, is indicated. Your physician can also give you B 12 injections.
A 100% absorbable chelated and bound multi-vitamin or a high quality food derived multi vitamin is also indicated and completely necessary.

Omega fatty acids and oils:
The heart and other organs need good fats for hormone production and hormone balance, as well as a defense system for free radicals and other anti-inflammatory processes in the body. Fish oils from the cold section at your health store are a good idea. Vitamin E should be taken in the form of Evening primrose oil and/or Olive oil. Sesame oil has been shown to have a prominent effect on the heart and blood vessels and in clinical trials, has been shown to lower blood pressure remarkably in just 30 to 60 days. Coconut oil and ghee are the best fats to use when cooking at high temperatures to avoid oxidative damage and toxic accumulation in food.

Herbal formulas and all other herbs should usually be approved by your holistic healthcare practitioner. Some suggestions for females are: Co-op Fem cycle, La Puebla Blood tonic, Fem-gest topical cream, and La Puebla yam topical cream. Also, Evening Primrose oil, Vitex/Chastetree Berry, and Dong Quai herb will all help to balance the hormones. Evening Primrose and Vitex need to be taken together and many formulas will have them both combined. For males and females, the Chinese formula “Gui Pi Wan” is a good choice for building up the blood, balancing the hormones and nourishing the heart. Additionally, Hawthorne Berry herb and Chinese Go ji (wolf) berries support the blood and the heart function.
Holy Basil supports the adrenals, pancreas, and immune system and calms the mind. This will help to balance blood sugar and give the organs a rest while they rebuild. If there is a pronounced problem with insulin and sugar balance, then Stevia granules can be added to the diet one to three times daily in a dosage of 1 TBSP. It is necessary to test your blood sugar twice daily to find out how much you need and when to begin decreasing the dosage. This should not be used if you are currently taking medication for diabetes or hypoglycemia.
Aloe Vera juice also is an excellent herb used mainly for the gastrointestinal tract and the skin. However, it has a gentle yet pronounced effect on the stomach and will help to balance the interior environment of the organ, therefore reducing a hyper vagus nerve response, which can be the culprit in some heart related symptoms. When the vagus nerve is suspected, alignment of the spinal column, neck and rib cage need to be checked. Vagus impingement needs to be ruled out.

Candida and other yeasts:
Candida and yeast cause heart related ailments because of their neuro-blocking capability and their ability to eat up and impinge the passing through of important vitamins and nutrients, therefore starving the heart and other organs of what they need to function. Candida and yeast infection should be ruled out by your healthcare provider. If a yeast infection does exist, then a yeast clearing protocol should be followed.

Supportive Therapies:
Supportive therapies, after a proper check-up from your primary care provider, can help the body to rebalance and recovery more quickly. They include, but are not limited to: Acupuncture, Massage, Chiropractics, Lymphatic Therapy, Ayurveda, Native American Medicine, and other Energy Therapies.

Heart palpitations do not have to be a persistent part of your life. If you have checked with your healthcare provider and you do in fact have an actual heart pathology, don’t be discouraged. See an Acupuncturist or Naturopathic Doctor and let them give you some advice and care in conjunction with what your allopathic doctor is doing for you. There are many herbs that can clean out the arteries and increase the strength of the heart naturally. If you are deemed a hypochondriac, mad, crazy or worrying for no reason, then try to take a natural approach to eliminating this little warning sign from your body. Little warning signs turn into bigger warning signs and then an entire group of symptoms that will later be labeled as a pathology. Catch it while it is small. After all, the heart is the gateway of the spirit. Don’t ignore it.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Going Inward

Lately I’ve been trying to formulate some way of understanding my world, the world around me and the world beyond. As humans…so much comes at us on a daily basis and we have to figure out how to process all of it. We end up feeling like ultimately we have to take all of it in and try to understand what it means to us and how to assimilate it into us. This becomes so confusing and so overwhelming. We drink. We smoke. We jump into religious groups. We sit under a tree and meditate. We learn how to do spells and bind webs and blue bubbles around ourselves for protection. We call psychics. We go to therapists. We jump off the into the deep end. We self emplode. Or…maybe if we’re lucky, we remain completely unaffected by the energy around us and afar.

I’ve been reading books on Witchcraft, learning how to meditate, learning how to bind myself from picking up energy that is less than constructive, and realizing more and more what I am able to cast off from my old self that may be limiting my full potential as an adult and a liberated being. I even…finally…saw a therapist, which turned out to be two of the most mind blowing hours of my life. There were a few…”here it is”…but mostly there were the really uncomfortable rhetorical questions that make you go…”errrrhhhgggg.” I really thought that the desert landscape of Santa Fe and its mirrors were finished with me. My thought was that there is nothing left here for me. I have grown enough as a person for the next ten years. But things seem to be speeding up in the evolution of humanity and there are the birds in the sky and the butterflies on the land saying…”keep up. Don’t be left behind. The world is changing.”

During my two hours of self examination and having my ass handed to me on a platter, I realized many things. Too many things to write here that should not be written because we are all on our own journey and one person’s “ah hah!’s” are certainly not intended for everyone. But the really important things were…if it does not feel like love, then it is probably not from you. And…we are to give ourselves permission to be okay with what we’ve done, thought and felt in this lifetime so far. It is all part of the journey. It is all a piece of the great puzzle of learning and the evolution that is to take place within each one of our spiritual bodies during the present incarnation. Does this mean that it is okay to do things outside of the normal moral code? Don’t steal, don’t kill, don’t rape, plunder or pillage, don’t say something that is going to hurt someone else, don’t take land…or OIL that is not yours, etc etc etc… But the things we feel compelled to do, that are right and productive, are part of the path we walk upon. We are to continue down that path until we reach the next clue. Or…if we feel there is just no clue to be found on that path, or it is too thorny and overgrown to be able to see the clues…then we get off. Or if we are really stubborn, we carve our way through. There is no point…no end game…no finish line. We should have learned by now if we are watching the modern scientific community, that it is not linear. We are spiraling endless through space. But…we are all connected. The idea…as John Lennon blazingly risked his life to promote…is to love. Love gets us through the trials that we predestine ourselves to in order to work through the lessons that we’ve not yet mastered. If we try to work through it without love…then we die without accomplishing the task and have to repeat it in the next lifetime. And I would hate to mess up this time and have it be a more obvious choice in the next lifetime. Obvious choices are frightening.

But furthermore, if we are approaching our evolutions with love, then we should also be okay with the present and future thoughts, paths and choices that we feel are right for us. Why try to justify it? Why try to analyze it or explain it away to the people we feel subject to? If we trust ourselves…then shouldn’t those who have our best interests at heart trust us as well? If they have a negative reaction to your thoughts and ideas, you must ask yourself it they are projecting their fears, lusts, desires and/or own ambitions upon you. How much easier would it be, to take a stride in absolute confidence and…in an attempt to avoid using the word faith, which has picked up a very destructive definition in western society…lets use: poise, buoyancy, trust…love.

In an attempt to be more productive, these are the choices I have made over the past week. I’ve made decisions which are going to change the course of my life for the next few years. I am giving up some things…yet again…but I am taking back parts of myself as well. I am no longer asking permission…but instead presenting my thoughts in confidence, love and clarity…and asking for a blessing. Sometimes its easier when your star charts align with different planets. Sometimes its easier when you’ve been on a cleansing spa retreat. Sometimes its easier after a night in a sweat lodge. And sometimes all you need is to sit on your adobe hut under the thick blanket of stars in the New Mexico sky…but it is always easier…when you love yourself.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Amber's first blog

I am currently stuck out in the mountains as a stay at home mom. It is lovely and exactly what the universe has deemed me to do at the moment, but a doctor without a practice could go a little crazy unless she has some sort of intellectual outlet. We like to tell people what to do. I am also a writer, and therefore I am dedicating this part of my life to publishing health related articles. The first article is a big one. One out of three people in the U.S. are said to be doomed to develop cancer in their lifetime. Those numbers are set to grow quickly to one in every two people. 50% of the population set to be exterminated by a disease created by our own bodies under inhospitable conditions. The following article was written with a friend in mind who is dealing with her second round of breast cancer. I hope it brings some light to the subject and is helpful to everyone.
My disclaimer: as always, do not take your health into your own hands. Please seek the advice of a licensed Physician/M.D., or if you are in a state where an Acupuncturist is a primary care provider, then that will suffice as well.

"Alternative Therapies in Cancer Treatment"

Alternative discussions regarding Cancer treatment while under the advisement of an Oncologist….

Cancer begins for many reasons and is associated with many pathologies. Other than aggressive elimination of the cancerous growth, the following theory is a very important consideration. Cancer cannot thrive or survive in a properly alkaline and oxygenated environment. Cancer develops in areas of constant irritation and inflammation. The following suggestions aide the body in alkalinity, oxygenation, anti-inflammation and detoxification. Additionally, some of the substances are known to cut off angiogenesis to tumors and to destroy cancerous cells.

Bowel habits are of utmost importance in prevention and elimination of carcinogenesis in the body. Each area of the bowel relates to a specific nerve bundle which goes directly or indirectly to an organ, tissue or vasculature in the body. Elimination should occur at least once daily and preferably after each meal (from natural means only). If constipation is occurring, toxins are building up in the GI tract, the Liver and the Lymphatic system causing inflammatory conditions in the body… and therefore illness develops. Constipation can be helped by an alkaline diet, 7 to 9 servings of veggies per day, a healthy intake of grains, and a normal intake of water (which is usually half a persons body weight in ounces per day unless there are Kidney conditions). If normal Bowel movements do not occur the following modalities can be helpful. In stubborn conditions, a healthcare provider can suggest herbs which can be of addition help.
Rise in the morning and drink 4 ounces of warm water. Follow with freshly juiced fruit juice cut with half water. Eat a banana and drink some hot tea. Breath deeply, have some alone time and be patient.
Boil some water and add a teaspoon of raw honey. Sip slowly, breath deeply and wait.
Emergency packets taken two at a time and an hour between the next doses. Vitamin C is a natural laxative. For an adult, 6 to 10 packets of the Emergency light or Emergency with MSM are safe for a daily intake.
Senna tea can be taken sparingly but should not be used more than twice weekly.

Do not use any foods marked as including Natural flavorings, Organic flavorings, artificial flavorings, artificial preservatives or artificial colorings. Flavorings are chemical derivatives and are never safe. The reason for this is that our bodies want substances from whole foods and macro sources. If the body is not given a “whole food” it must steal nutrients from other places to make that substance whole. This creates a deficiency in our body. Flavorings, colorings and additives are also not recognized by our bodies and are therefore deemed foreign. Foreign contaminants create inflammatory conditions within the body and create illness. These foreign substances also interfere with brain activity and normal movement of chemicals to our endocrine organs. This results in many pathological changes. Organic and Natural flavorings in food do not mean flavorings derived from spices, essential oils, extracts, or essences. They are a chemical byproduct and not to be consumed by people with compromised health or by otherwise healthy people.
Foods should be organic and nutritional information on cooking for specific body type, illness and constitution should be advised by a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Avoid sink water if possible unless there is a filter on it that removes all chlorine and fluoride from the water. Chlorine is carcinogenic and responsible for the high instance of miscarriages and infertility among US women. It becomes lodged in tissues of the body as a means of containing the foreign matter becoming an area of irritation. It is also linked to the high and growing instance of skin cancer in the US. Sodium Fluoride is carcinogenic and not helpful for bone or dental health. Studies for dental health were originally done on Calcium Fluoride which is less carcinogenic and found to be helpful in strengthening teeth. Sodium Fluoride is in our water and not Calcium Fluoride, and it should not be consumed.
Water that is obtained as reverse osmosis or de-ionized is largely devoid of minerals. Trace minerals can be purchased at a health foods store and added to the water to make it more receptive by the body.

Avoiding a Vortex:
We live in an electromagnetic world. An electromagnetic vortex is created by two or more electronic receptors crossing paths. These are nearly impossible to completely avoid these days because of WiFi internet. Areas of vortex in our house are created by having a lamp in one corner and a television in another corner, or a cell phone plugged into an outlet and a lamp or other electronic in the same room. Cell phone usage is linked to electromagnetic disturbance in the body as well as direct radiation to the ear, eye and brain on the side used. It is best to use speaker phone or a land line when possible. To avoid being in a vortex, when you are spending quite a lot of time in one room or sleeping in your bedroom at night, unplug the electronics. Living next to a power plant or large transistors is also problematic. Further discussions on the problems caused by vortex can be found in books pertaining to Quantum and Metaphysics.

Amalgam fillings:
Amalgam fillings begin to break down soon after they enter a persons mouth because of the constant flow of salivary enzymes. The body’s immune system has to constantly tend to these toxins and therefore may neglect other issues in the body. Amalgam materials cause inflammatory processes to occur in the body furthering the risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease, Cardiac problems and Cancers. Amalgam fillings should be removed as quickly as possible by your Dentist.

Cancerous cells cannot survive in an area of the body that maintains its proper pH balance. Most people tend toward acidity of the body due to improper diet, inadequate water intake, stress, and toxicity. Vegetables and fruits are alkaline in nature when taken in as food. Fruit and veggie juices have a more powerful alkalinizing effect, but they must be obtained immediately after juicing at the health food store, or from an at home juicer. Green juices are the most powerful. Fruit juices are more cleansing and must be used sparingly. A good guideline is 8 ounces of freshly juiced greens, with added carrot or beat juice, taken twice daily. Again, if the juice has been sitting for more than 24 hours, the enzymes have broken down the most important ingredients. The juices must be fresh. Dietary intake of vegetables should be 7 to 9 servings per day. Depending on body constitution and condition, the raw or cooked state of the servings will vary. A serving is about what a person can fit into an adult hand. Grains are more alkalinizing than meat, poultry or fish. Lemon juice freshly squeezed into 8 ounces of water and taken twice daily is highly alkalinizing, but must be from a fresh lemon. Stress causes acidic reactions in the body. Taking deep breaths and yoga alkalinizes the body. Spirulina is highly alkalinizing and has about as much protein as an 8 ounce serving of steak. However, spirulina is an energetically “cold” substance and may need to be taken in very small quantities in some conditions.

Juicing continued…
As the body undergoes Oncology treatments, absorption of nutrients diminishes substantially. Juicing ones food is a good way to give the GI tract and the bowel a break during treatment. Nutrients can be absorbed directly into the walls of the GI tract without being broken down. The body does not have to churn and break down food, therefore expending precious energy which could be better used in recovery from harsh therapies.

Aside from being alkalinizing, deep breathing and yoga are important for oxygenation of the body. Chloroxygen, which can be obtained from most health food stores, is a chlorella tincture that is highly oxygenating and aides in red blood cell production. Other substances which are helpful for oxygenation are food grade hydrogen peroxide and sea vegetables. Hydrogen peroxide therapy should be carefully considered and used under the advisement of a health practitioner.

Herbs and Supplements:

Shark Cartilage has been shown to cut off angiogenesis to tumors.

Cinnamon keeps cancerous cells from moving through the lymphatic system. Additionally, it balances blood sugar which takes a work load off of the liver and pancreas.

Reishi Mushroom has anticancer properties and aides the body’s immune system.

Colloidal Silver works as a secondary immune system for the body to take a load off of the primary immune system. This helps in the elimination of all microbes.

Olive leaf extract aides in elimination of microbes which tax the immune system. Many lymphomas and leukemia result from leftover particles of viruses and bacteria that hide out in the lymphatic system. The immune system is under constant stress eliminating these toxins.

MSM + Vitamin C acts as an immune tonic and eliminates toxins in the body. MSM is a vehicle that helps to drive nutrients into the cell and drive toxins out. Aside from a daily green drink, this is one of the most powerful modalities to employ in cancer therapies.

Garlic is very powerful especially when used daily in cooking. It cleans out the liver and blood vessels taking the work load off of the liver. It is anticancer and helps to eliminate dangerous heavy metals.

Selenium is an important mineral largely missing from the North American diet. Chinese and Japanese woman, who have historically had a negligible instance of cancers have a high intake of Selenium (and sea vegetables) in their diets. Brazil nuts are high in Selenium.

Essiac Tea is an old remedy designed by Renee Caisse. She was a nurse that ridded herself of breast cancer by topical application of a prairie tea. This way of using the tea is not recommended. Instead, the tea is taken orally for a period of no less than three months. The tea is anticancer, anti tumor, detoxifying, antioxidant and overall very cleansing. The tincture of Essiac tea is available via herbs etc and found at health food stores and Critters and Me in Santa Fe.

A full range of vitamins and minerals should be taken on a daily basis. The reason for this is that even in organic produce and grains, the vitamin and mineral content are quite poor in the US. It is best to get vitamins and minerals from food derived substances, but in a person with cancerous lesions and immune compromise it is imperative to get the multivitamin mineral substitute from a 98 to 99% absorbable, chelated and bound source. The two highest on the charts are Douglas Labs and USANA. Douglas labs are carried by most Naturopathic doctors and by Conscious Health clinic in Santa Fe. If this type of vitamin is unavailable, Garden of Life has a good perfect food vitamin. Garden of Life can be found at Whole Foods and other natural food stores.

The body needs enzymes to break down food and free up nutrients from absorption. Enzymes also break down tumors and fibrotic tissue within the body that blocks the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is one of the powerful plumbing systems of the body. If it is blocked, then toxins build up and cannot be eliminated.
Anticancer Chinese Herbal Formulas:
There are hundreds of herbs around the world that are used to combat and eliminate cancer, as well as prevent it. Herbs for prevention should be used regularly and in cooking. A specific formula can be designed and gotten quite easily for each individual person and their specific needs. Again this is up to the person’s health care provider. Most anticancer formulas contain extracts from snake skin, snake venom, bees, insects, and rare grasses, plants and fruit. Anticancer formulas are more expensive than usual formulas because of their rare nature, as well as to protect the sources (animals and other living creatures).

As with any health protocol, it is best to pick and choose supplements to fit the needs of each specific person. Utilize the knowledge of your health care provider to design the best protocol.

The brain is the most important organ we possess in the way of causative intention. It is very easy and possible for us as humans to tell our bodies to do something and then have it do exactly that by way of the hormones created in the brain which quickly travel into the blood stream and to the intended area. Positive visualization is very important. Visualize your body perfectly clean. You must go through each area of the body. If within your third eye, you see an area of your body that is “unclean” or blocked, tell your brain to gently unblock it. You must see this happen and picture it clearly. It may take hours or days to do this, but if you can eliminate distractions and clear your head, so to speak, you can succeed in concentrating on moving through your entire body to remove unwanted obstructions, and to “clean yourself up” visually. You must do this out of a spirit of Love and not Fighting. Cancerous growths and lesions are the body’s primitive way of protection and elimination gone haywire. There is nothing to fight… only to balance, and to remedy. Fighting brings about an attitude of stress.

Lymphatic drainage:
During the time period of recovery, after there are no active tumors, it is important to employ Lymphatic drainage therapy. If herbs are employed which are anticancer and keep cancerous cells from moving through the lymph system, then it is safe to undergo gentle lymphatic drainage massage therapy. This therapy releases toxins from the lymph tissue and other tissues of the body. Toxins which are stored there must be released and eliminated. If they are allowed to remain, the chances of another episode of cancer are more likely. Lymphatic drainage therapy, under conditions of good body hydration and a good anticancer protocol, will need to be continued for a period of 6 to 12 months. It is a gentle therapy and takes time to eliminate all that must be cleansed after a serious illness.

Radiation elimination baths:
Oncology practices employ the use of Radiation to stun and kill tumors and cancerous cells within the body. But the radiation must be eliminated afterward. Otherwise, this becomes another toxic load for the body to clean up. Radiation elimination baths can be used as soon as the evening following Radiation therapy. The following recipe is added to warm bathwater and the soaking time is 20 to 30 minutes:
½ cup sea salt or Celtic salt
½ cup baking soda
½ cup powdered ginger
It is a good idea for spouses and children of the person undergoing therapy to employ the use of these baths as well. Radiation ions spread easily among members of a household. With children the dosage should be proportional to the body weight and should be advised by a healthcare practitioner.

Suggested reading:
“Healing With Whole Foods” by Paul Pitchford
“A Cancer Battle Plan” by Anne E Frahm

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- Information compiled by Amber Reynolds-Chenault, MSOM, ND, LAc